A downloadable game for Windows

It may be a cyberpunk glitchy-styled endless runner about travelling with speed of light or racing game ? Who knows.

Now to be honest, what you have here is my 5 days effort of trying to connect last week of my daily work and trying to create something new. This really hooks me when it comes to visual side of things. I'm very happy with the effects. I can see how I've evolved since I started making games. The game is some sort of cyberpunk endless runner, but to be honest I got somehow lost in visual details and totally forgot about fun and mechanics. There are still some ideas what I can do with game and I will definately try to develop this project in the future alongside my current projects. So here are some features:

* Wolves are driven by simple AI that helps them avoid formation of obstacles with a finite chance. This idea was developed when I thougt that I can convert this into RACE CYBERPUNK GAME WITH WOLVES. Sounds fun, right ? 

* Player has some sort of stamina or energy if you like this term more, that decrease when you press W or UP ARROW (accelerate). When energy is nought you get some sort of effect that blocks you from teleporting and cooldown which looks cool imho.

* Music and audio effects are constantly changing reacting to the pace of the play. 

Game is not really fully playable and it's probably bugged but I am going to participate in Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam and I don't have time to develop it hastily. Huuuuge thanks to Brackeys for organising this event and the whole community ! 


WolfPack-Build.zip 32 MB

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